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Corporate BINGO!

Sometimes you just need to lighten things up a bit… Especially on a Friday!

What is the key to keeping sharp and awake through back to back to back conference calls and meetings?

It’s having fun with it!

While there are many ways to “spice up” your work day (a friend of mine put tin foil all over her coworker’s office with a couple peers… note: I’m not saying I recommend doing this. It’s just an example), one simple way is to play favorite game of geriatrics all over the country- BINGO!

I think we have all been at meetings where our boss (or one of the higher ups) is going over results or the plan for the next quarter and he/she starts to ramble, spouting off all sorts of cliche corporate lingo.  Why not find a way to keep track of how “gimmicky” and absurd the talk gets? (while staying more engaged)

Here is how to play…

First make your game board.  Basically everyone has seen a Bingo board- a 5 square x 5 square grid (25 boxes total). Second, fill in a “corporate speak” word in each box (with a FREE space in the middle).

Here is a quick list to get you started… bottom line, synergies, change agent, strategic initiative, at the end of the day, benchmark, value-add, win-win, fast track… I think you get the point.  Here is a site that offers a fairly good template:

Warning– when you play the game, you may come to the realization that whomever corporate officer or manager speaking is totally BSing, or uses a bunch of these words to sound more strategic.  You may also realize how often you end up saying these words yourself (I know I do!).

Here are a couple ways to play:

Standard– Print one out and bring it to a corporate conference… odds are this is the best and fastest venue to fill out your BINGO card.

Bold– Pull out your game board during a conference call. It is one way to force you to keep paying attention to whomever is droning on about covers on TPS reports (or Swingline Staplers!)

BOLDER– Bring your gameboard to a face-to-face meeting.  Make sure to bring a few other papers to hide your gameboard between.  The challenge is marking off the words without getting caught.

In every set of instructions there is a “Winning the Game” section… Winning the Game: Not getting caught! As Bernie Mac’s character in the movie Oceans 13 put it… “Nuff Said.”

Enjoy… Any other fun work games out there that you play?

Mr. Biz, OUT!

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