What is YP Edge?

There is a BIG problem that exists in Corporate America today.  A new generation of graduates that communicate, think and works differently than current corporate leaders is entering the workforce.  Most have not been taught how to be successful in the working world.

While corporations are beginning to adapt the way they recruit and nurture the newest generation of workers they are only addressing part of the problem. A vast majority of focus is on how companies can change to attract the best new talent but little is done to help educate us, new employees, on how to be successful in a corporate environment.  Colleges don’t teach these skills and corporations will take a time to fully adapt.

This is why Young Professional’s Edge is so important.

Young Professional’s Edge, or YP Edge offers young professionals (and soon to be young professionals) advice on how to be successful in building a solid career from the ground up. No gimmicks or flash, just solid tips, tricks and secrets that will put you ahead of the curve in getting promoted faster and help you understand what it takes to win the corporate game. I call on 6 years of corporate experience at a Fortune 500 firm where I have managed over 110 direct reports and organizations as large as 60 in numerous functions like marketing, sales, customer service, business development and operations to help other young professional learn lessons I had to figure out “the hard way.”

Take a moment and read on.  Better yet share your thoughts and responses too. Let me know if any of what I am saying makes sense.  Share if you disagree… ESPECIALLY if you disagree.  I want to engage in a dialogue, not just talk at you.  Your help makes our discussion better.

  1. Just an observation but you might want to watch the typos and spelling mistakes 🙂

  2. Nice Work. Love the articles you’ve put out. Quite inspirational. One suggestion would be to put in a contact form, just in case someone wants to get in touch with you a bit better.

  3. Elisa Laserna

    Aaron, proud to say I have known you since Kindergarten!

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